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Smart Estate Planning for Peace of Mind

Empowering Your Legacy for Today and Tomorrow; Keeping You Out of Court and Out of Conflict

Affordable Estate Planning San Diego

Finding affordable estate planning services in San Diego is essential for many individuals and families. At Allenby Law, we provide expert estate planning services at competitive rates, ensuring you receive the best value without compromising on quality.

Our Services

At Allenby Law, we offer a variety of affordable estate planning services, including:
  • Will Drafting: Creating detailed wills that specify asset distribution.
  • Trust Creation: Establishing different types of trusts to protect your estate.
  • Probate Assistance: Guiding you through the probate process.
  • Healthcare Directives: Preparing advance directives for medical decisions.

Why Allenby Law?

Allenby Law is committed to providing smart and simplified estate planning services at affordable prices. Our founder, Dawn Allenby, is a respected member of the San Diego community, known for her expertise and dedication. Our positive reviews reflect our commitment to client satisfaction.

Tips for Affordable Estate Planning

Estate planning doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some tips to keep costs down:
  1. Start Early: The earlier you start planning, the more options you have to protect your assets.
  2. Regular Updates: Keep your estate plan updated to reflect changes in your life and the law.
  3. Professional Guidance: Working with an experienced attorney can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Contact Us Today

If you’re looking for affordable estate planning in San Diego, contact Allenby Law. Our team is here to provide you with expert services that protect your assets and ensure your peace of mind. Schedule a consultation today.