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In today’s digital age, our online presence is as much a part of our legacy as physical assets. Social media accounts, especially on platforms like Instagram, contain memories and personal expressions that many wish to preserve or manage after their passing. Understanding what happens to these digital assets and how to include them in your estate plan is crucial. At Allenby Law, we guide you through incorporating your digital footprint into your estate planning, ensuring your online legacy is handled according to your wishes.

The Fate of Your Instagram Account

When an Instagram user passes away, there are generally two options available for handling their account: memorialization or deletion.

  • Memorialization: A memorialized account is a place where friends and family can gather and share memories after a person has passed away. The word “Remembering” will appear next to the person’s name on their profile, and the account will not appear in public spaces such as Explore. No one can log into a memorialized account, which means the account cannot be changed or updated.
  • Deletion: If preferred, Instagram allows for the account to be permanently deleted. This request must be made by an immediate family member or executor and requires documentation, such as a death certificate.

Including Instagram in Your Estate Plan

To ensure your Instagram account is managed according to your wishes after you pass away, consider the following steps:

  • Decide the Fate of Your Account: Determine whether you would like your Instagram account to be memorialized or deleted. Reflect on what you believe would be most comforting or meaningful to your family and friends.
  • Legal Documentation: Include instructions for your digital assets, including your Instagram account, in your will or estate plan. Clearly specify what you want done with your account and who you authorize to handle these details.
  • Provide Access: While you should not include passwords in your will (as documents become public during the probate process), you can use a secure service or a separate document to provide necessary login information to your designated digital executor.
  • Appoint a Digital Executor: Choose a trusted individual to be responsible for managing your digital assets. This person will carry out your wishes concerning your online presence, including your Instagram account.
  • Review Regularly: As with other aspects of your estate plan, regularly review and update your digital asset instructions to reflect new accounts, changes in digital policies, or adjustments in your personal preferences.

Why It Matters

Your digital assets, including your Instagram account, are an integral part of your personal history and identity. They can provide comfort and a sense of continuity for your loved ones. By incorporating these digital assets into your estate planning, you ensure that they are treated with the same care and intention as your physical assets.

At Allenby Law, we understand that today’s estate planning needs to reflect both the physical and digital realms. We specialize in simplifying complex processes and ensuring that all aspects of your legacy, including your Instagram account, are secured. Contact us to discuss how we can incorporate your digital assets into a comprehensive estate plan, giving you peace of mind for the future.

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